Dressing for Success When It’s Warm Outside

During the hot and humid months, maintaining the same professional dress standards can be difficult. However, overly casual or inappropriate dress has a direct impact on the productivity of those working in your office. How can you prevent your workplace from turning into a resort when the weather is warm while keeping employees comfortable?


Don’t Take a Vacation

Many employees naturally gravitate towards shorter hemlines, more casual fabrics and flip flops due to the vacations on their mind. While employees can wear whatever they would like on vacation, make it clear that your office building is not a hotel or resort. Set an example by maintaining the same standards of professional dress and keeping the office atmosphere focused.


Set the Thermostat Appropriately

Most people who favor shorter hemlines and spaghetti straps are doing so because they are too warm. If you keep your office on the cooler side, employees will dress appropriately and keep it professional. Things like halter tops, tube tops, shorts, casual sandals and sheer fabrics should stay at home throughout the year, and setting your thermostat accordingly will help. Employees will get the message and bring cardigans or blazers to wear around the office.


Set the Standard

Whether or not your office has an issue with casual summer dressing, it’s a good idea to have a dress code in place throughout the year. It is much easier to set a clear standard and deal with any infractions than to take an employee aside and ask them to put on a sweater. Employees will respect you more for making your stance clear and take care to avoid violating the office dress code.


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