How Using the Latest HR Automation Technology Can Improve Efficiency

Are your employees continuously running in into paper-based productivity issues? Utilizing the latest technology for HR automation can vastly improve your team’s ability to track applicants, onboard new employees, manage employee details, measure performance and more. Are you ready to embrace improved efficiency?


Don’t Overlook Your Potential for Greatness – HR Automation Saves Time & Money 

For small and medium sized businesses, implementing HR automation software can seem like a costly investment. In reality, it is an inexpensive way to boost workflow productivity (without sacrificing the quality of work) and minimize the human errors that could cost your business its reputation. Automation is a cost-effective solution for improving various core HR functions.


How are You Tracking Your Applicants? Organize & Centralize Employee Records

Effective HR automation software allows you to track, share and evaluate important information about your qualified applicants. When your employee records and applicant data are accessible in one centralized location, your HR department can easily compare candidates and make a well-informed decision about which candidate would best strengthen your team. This eliminates the stress and struggle of sifting through mounds of paper applications, all while giving your HR team the support it needs to track accurate data and remain compliant.


HR Automation Improves Onboarding, Training & Boosts Employee Retention

Whether you are an employer or a new employee, one thing is certain – first impressions matter. Did you know that studies show that an employee decides to stay or leave an organization in the first 90 days? Dragging a new hire through a timely onboarding process or throwing them into a chaotic environment without giving them the tools and guidance they need to succeed is a recipe for disaster. In fact, it has been estimated in Fortune 500 companies alone that close to 50 percent of the outside hired quit in less than two years. HR automation software can combat this and increase employee retention and engagement by:

  • Offering self-service onboarding tools to help new hires build personal connections while gathering necessary data and documents
  • Monitoring employee training to ensure compliance, timely development and productivity
  • Allowing you to create email reminders about upcoming birthdays and work anniversaries, thus humanizing your operations and making your employees feel valued


Vacation Daze? Introduce Automated Time Off Requests & Approvals 

It’s no secret that accurately measuring time off requests and approvals is enough to make anyone’s head spin. Emails, sticky notes, and promises made in passing conversation about time off can easily be forgotten and often lead to unhappy employees and supervisors alike – especially during vacation season. Whether you have five, 50 or 500 employees, HR automation software can ease the impact of time off tracking by allowing you to:

  • Easily track available and used time off
  • Categorize time off requests (such as sick days, bereavement, vacation, jury duty, etc)
  • Generate the latest time off tracking reports/sync time off to your calendar


More Benefits of Embracing Technology & Using the Latest HR Automation Software 

At Phil Romm Consulting, we believe that personalized HR software frees up time for meaningful work. These HR software options, of which we’re familiar with many, deliver all of the aforementioned benefits of HR automation while also offering features like: electronic signatures, employee self-service, company announcements board, organization chart, employee directory, mobile apps, document storage and international capabilities.


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