Making a Great Employee Handbook

A great employee handbook anticipates questions and issues before they are ever spoken and effectively defines exactly what being an employee at your business means. Whether you’re a small business with five employees or a growing company with multiple departments, writing the perfect employee handbook doesn’t need to be as hard as you’re making it!

The Basics

While the level of detail in your employee handbook is ultimately up to you, there are several things that you need to include:

  • An employment at-will disclaimer
  • A statement on equal employment opportunity
  • A policy prohibiting unlawful discrimination and harassment
  • A paragraph describing your company policies for use of company property, privacy rules and social media
  • A paragraph on employment classification and overtime rules
  • A policy on family and medical leave
  • A paragraph on workplace safety
  • A section detailing any disciplinary guidelines

The Details

Do you have many employees working in different departments? One of the best ways to address all of their needs in an employee handbook is by issuing a base handbook that applies to everyone and an additional job-specific section with additional safety information or information addressing union-bound employees. You always need to include the law-mandated portions noted above in any version of the handbook. 

Why is the Employee Handbook So Important?

The employee handbook is the final word on any company policies. It should trump all over policy documents and will serve as a resource during any potential disputes. Make it clear that your employee handbook is also subject to change, especially as your business grows. Always include an acknowledgement page for employees to sign. This is vital in the case of employment disputes, as you will have a signed and dated record of their agreement. 

Human Resources Consulting from Phil Romm Consulting

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