Recent Sexual Harassment Scandals Reveal Need for Greater HR Support

Uber’s Sexual Harassment Scandal: What Now?

Yes, sexual harassment in the workplace is still happening. Every day. Despite years of law enforcement, training and education, the latest sexual harassment scandals emerging from Fox News and the popular ride-share firm Uber shed light on just how prominent sex-based discrimination is. Let us get you up to speed.


What Happened? Uber Fires 20+ Employees in Response to Sexual Harassment Claims

In February, a former Uber engineer named Susan Fowler accused the company of fostering a culture of sexism, which prompted Uber’s CEO Travis Kalanick to order an “urgent investigation” on the matter. Fowler added that Uber’s HR team systematically ignored her reports of sexual harassment during the year the company employed her. In early June, after an investigation into more than 200 sexual harassment and other workplace-misconduct claims, the San Francisco ride-share company has fired more than 20 of its employees. According to NPR, this included “some senior executives.” There is no excuse for sexual harassment in the workplace and it is certainly not exclusive to newer employees. Are all of your employees educated on the law?


What Next? Uber’s Companywide Harassment Meeting Reveals Further Concern

In response to the findings of the sexual harassment investigation, Uber held a meeting for its 12,000 employees. According to NPR, “40 additional employees were reprimanded or referred to counseling and training. Uber set up a hotline where employees and former employees could file complaints.” This is a great first step, but oddly enough, some uber inappropriate actions still took place at said meeting that revealed a company culture potentially ingrained with Silicon Valley’s notable sexism in the tech field. Take a look at the 47 things Uber has agreed to do to change its company culture. When was the last time you evaluated your company’s policies?


Don’t Forget About Fox Making the News…  For More Sexual Harassment Scandals 

Uber may be in the limelight right now, but Fox News has been in the thick of a sexual harassment scandal since July 2016, and one that seems to be gaining continuous momentum. Take a look at this 9-month timeline detailing the various events and sexual harassment accusations against Fox News that led to their CEO resigning and their biggest star, Bill O’Reilly, leaving the network. In late May, three more Fox News employees came forward with allegations of sexual harassment and racial discrimination. Could your company be at risk of having a lawsuit splashed across the headlines next?


What Does This Mean? Help with Human Resources and Sexual Harassment 

As we’ve made clear, even when you bring sexual harassment cases to light and proceed with rightful justice and consequences, the issue remains. These sexual harassment scandals are just two major examples of the countless claims made daily that reveal a greater need for effective human resources support and anti-discrimination enforcement.


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