The Role of Humor in the Workplace

Every relationship can use a few laughs! Humor doesn’t just lighten the mood, it also helps your office maintain high levels of productivity, retain employees and relate to your customers. If your workplace is full of tired sighs instead of energetic bursts of laughter, it might be time to brighten the mood with some humor!

Don’t Be Afraid to Laugh

Your employees would probably refer to you as efficient, a wonderful leader and a dedicated worker if they were surveyed. However, would any of them say that you have a good sense of humor? Many employees have higher views of bosses who can laugh at themselves and lighten the mood. It’s easy to fall into a formal role as an executive or manager, but it’s important to signal to your employees that you like to have a laugh every now and then too. If your employees see your sense of humor, they will feel a greater sense of camaraderie with you.


Workplace Humor Helps Difficult Times

Every workplace has a bad month or year that drastically lowers morale. The strongest antidote to this is humor. Cultivating a sense of humor and fun in your office will help employees and high-level staff to power through difficult periods with smiles on their faces. Humor can also help to diffuse confrontations during periods of tension by lightening the mood. Even if things are going well in your office today, you might be only steps away from a trying time that could be greatly helped with a dose of humor.


Keep Standards Clear

The primary reason why some managers and offices shy away from humor is fear of going too far. While having fun in the office is highly encouraged, make sure that you still maintain standards for what is and isn’t appropriate. Never allow employees to make jokes about customers. It is perfectly fine for employees to tease each other, but any jokes that veer into a hurtful personal territory are off limits. No joke is funny if only the person telling it is laughing.


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